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WhozaMobi, We are a Digital Mobile Marketing Agency.

WhozaMobi can help to provide you with the digital presence that best suits your needs . We're passionate about helping businesses improve their online visibility and visual needs setting you up with a mobile website and mobile digital campaign..

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WhozaMobi Mobile Website Design

Is your website mobile? You’re not sure? Fact that Google searches on a mobile phone have taken over and your website has to be mobile or you are leaving money on the table...

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WhozaMobi Desktop Website Design

Okay so you need a website! It the 21 century and you can’t have a business without a website, As everyone on the planet will go to the internet to search for new...

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WhozaMobi Search Engine Optimisation Services

Seo what is that? It’s what helps people find your website on Google, yip it’s not enough to just set up a website you need to optimize it and then you will be found...

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WhozaMobi Local Marketing Services

Okay So SEO and now Local SEO?? I know basically, SEO is a wider spread and local is like people searching Google locally e.g.: mobile websites Cape Town...

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Should you do keyword research

I suppose you have heard that keywords are the fundamentals of a website. And as you read above should you do keyword research?
In quick the answer is yes. But still lies the question do you know how to […]

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Digital marketing agency Cape Town

Digital marketing agency, If you type in Google digital marketing agency cape town. You will see what I mean.
There are thousands and each digital marketing agency have either similar services or completely different services.
Now to choose one is
the hard part. […]

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Mobile Marketing

Wow this craze is going off the charts. I mean today I walked thru a mall while the shops were opening, and saw that out of the 20 people waiting for the shops to open only 2 were chatting and […]

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Local SEO

Seo (Search engine optimization), has come a long way since I started to know about what this all means, way back in 1999, was the first time I heard of SEO, the first time I tried SEO o my own […]

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